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Android App Tablet Review: Stardunk

Sep 15, 2011

Stardunk is basically a free online game of HORSE. It’s also addictive.

In Stardunk, you have a basket on the left side of the screen and a ball somewhere on the right. You shoot by moving your finger around on the screen to adjust a “trajectary arc” for the ball – a curved line that dictates the path of the ball toward the basket. You have to position the arc to get the ball to go where you want, scoring points for avoiding the rim and getting power-ups for hitting the backboard.

The online part is a competition against all the other players online that happens every few minutes. You’ll score as many baskets as you can in two minutes to see how you stack up against the rest of the world’s players. Rising up those leaderboards can be addictive.

The big screen of a tablet is a great way to play Stardunk. It has a tendency to make you think “Just one more try” and accidentally waste an hour.

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