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Android App Tablet Review: Solitaire HD

Sep 27, 2011

A variety of Solitaire card games await in Solitaire HD, an app that turns your tablet into a card table.

You probably know what to expect with Solitaire HD. The game is filled with what are pretty much the standard complement of computer solitaire games, such as Spider, Freecell and Forty Thieves. Hit the new game button and you’re off instantly, dragging cards around the screen using touch controls to manipulate the gameplay. Tapping on the deck flips cards for you, and your score and time is tracked in the corner of the screen.

Solitaire HD is ad-supported, so it doesn’t cost anything. The big screen of a tablet basically makes it feel like you have a personal little card table spread out in front of you. The only trouble with Solitaire HD is that there is just not a lot to it. If you’ve seen computer solitaire, you’ve seen this. But that doesn’t mean it still isn’t a fun time killer for free.

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