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Android App Tablet Review: Reckless Racing

Oct 11, 2011

Reckless Racing is a highly polished game for your Android tablet.

With sharp, high definition, realistic graphics and such great attention paid to detail (you can see dirt and dust being kicked up by the tires) Reckless Racing feels true to life. It’s an absolutely beautiful game.

Players have lots of choices when it comes to multiplayer, landscape, tracks, cars, and difficulty level.

Controls take a little practice to learn how to use properly, but most users will quickly get the hang of them. There are also multiple steering options to give players the choice based on what’s most comfortable.

The first time you run the app, the game’s data takes a several minutes to download, but the good news is that you’ll never have to wait for this again once it’s done.

Even if you usually don’t care for racing games, Reckless Racing just might be the exception to the rule.

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