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Android App Tablet Review: Pulse News

Oct 5, 2011

Pulse is an excellent app for customizing news that actually matters to you.

Pulse News allows you to take your favorite sources of news and information, and turn them into a fun-to-use and engaging mosaic. You can find news from just about any relevant source there is, from newspapers to magazines to blogs. What’s even better is the ability to organize different pages with different news themes. This allows you to keep all of your video game news separate from the political and world news, for instance.

Finding news sources that interest you is easy, and you’ll often discover new sources that were previously unknown to you. The user interface is streamlined and very professional, and is even more fun to use on a tablet.

With Pulse News, you and your tablet will never miss a beat.

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Andrew Koziara

Andrew Koziara is a lifelong gamer and metal head. When he isn’t playing or reviewing games, he’s making them at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy. Check out his Twitter page here.

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