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Android App Tablet Review: Pinball HD for Tegra

Sep 27, 2011

With three pinball tables on a big screen in high definition, Pinball HD for Tegra is a phenomenal use of a tablet, putting a miniature pinball experience in your hands.

Pinball HD turns your tablet’s screen into a pinball table you can hold in your hands. Tapping on the left side of the screen moves the left flipper; tapping right moves the right flipper. It’s as simple as that, yet Pinball HD is engaging and a lot of fun thanks to variety in the tables and some pretty phenomenal graphics. Scores you rack-up in the game are saved locally, and if you really excel you can see where you rank on Pinball HD’s online global leaderboards.

With great production values and the unique feeling of a vertical tablet in your hands, Pinball HD is a wizardly choice for pinball fans.

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