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Android App Tablet Review: Paintbox for Tablets

Sep 9, 2011

It can be fun to do a little finger painting on tablets, given the size and responsiveness of their larger touchscreens. But while Paintbox for Tablets is fun for a moment, the free app doesn’t include much in the way of features.

Paintbox gives you the ability to use your finger to draw on either a blank white document or on an existing photo. It packs two sliders that let you adjust the opacity and thickness of the lines you draw, and a pull-down menu that gives you the ability to change colors, undo a few actions and save your image.

But that’s about it. It’s nice to have the big screen of the tablet to work on, but drawing lines on an image gets old in a hurry.

Paintbox is nice on tablets, provided you feel like finger painting and little else.

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