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Android App Tablet Review: News360 for Tablets

Oct 14, 2011

News360 for Tablets presents a fun and intuitive way to read articles from a multitude of sources.

The app organizes news by categories, showing the tops stories of every category automatically. There is a Top Stories category which has all the most important goings-on of the world if you’re short on time. The app is oozing with cool features. You can home in on your most local news with the touch of a button, or even get news based on your own interests by linking your Facebook account.

Things get really fun when you switch to 360 view. Here, pictures scroll by, each linking to different stories, turning the whole thing into something of a game. It’s very well laid out and fun to use on the large screen of a tablet.

News360 gives you a whole new way to look at news on your Android tablet.

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