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Android App Tablet Review: Mortal Skies [OpenFeint]

Sep 27, 2011

In this vertical shooter game, you’re a one-plane Royal British Air Force pilot that makes smart use of big tablet screens.

Mortal Skies includes seven levels, and in each you get a top-down view of your plane as waves of enemy fighters come flying toward you. The game is part of the “bullet hell” genre of shooters, in which lots of enemies shoot lots of bullets at you and your primary goal is to avoid taking as many hits as possible. You do that by using touch controls to drag your fighter around the screen as it opens up on incoming enemies.

Shooter fans will find well-worn territory in Mortal Skies, although with each new level cleared you will earn points you can put toward improving your fighter’s stats. Mortal Skies plays well on tablets and shooter fans will find a lot to like.

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