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Android App Tablet Review: Kid Mode: Kids Games + Videos

Sep 27, 2011

Kid Mode is a clever little app that keeps all of a child’s favorite apps in one place, while locking them out of everything else.


Designed specifically for children up to eight years-old, the app helps parents create a special play area for their kids on the tablet. The app selects videos, games, books and other activities based on a child’s age.

To get started, create an account for your child by adding a name, birthday and a photo if you’d like. The Parent Dashboard allows users to add more childrens’ accounts, turn on the child lock, install a child’s favorite and search for related and educational apps.

Kid Mode has a great design and it is easy for both parents and children to find their way around. As there is a lot of inappropriate apps in the Android Market, this family-friendly title will protect children from unwanted discoveries.

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