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Android App Tablet Review: KAMI RETRO

Sep 30, 2011

Puzzle platformer Kami Retro combines a blocky, old-school 3-D art style that looks great on tablets with some fast-paced puzzle gameplay.

Each level of Kami Retro requires the player to move several running characters from an entry point to a goal. The idea is to help the Kamis jump from platform to platform without falling. After a few seconds of dealing with one character, another will drop in, so you need to quickly react to get the first one on his way and deal with each new arrival to score maximum points.

You can also use various tools like fans and spring pads to get the Kamis to the end of each level. As you play, the levels become more complex, requiring you to divide your attention carefully. It gets challenging without really ever being frustrating, and the game keeps it fun and loose.

While not perhaps the greatest puzzler or platformer in the Android Market, Kami is still a solid, easy to learn title that makes great use of a tablet’s big screen.

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