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Android App Tablet Review: HoneyGram

Oct 5, 2011

Despite popular iOS photography app Instagram not yet being available on Android, HoneyGram is still a worthwhile download for tablet-owners who love browsing the creative images people create.

The app allows you to view popular images, browse shots taken nearby, search by tag, and embed a widget on the dashboard for easy access to the best photos at any time. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. You can simply tap on a photo to enlarge it, see who posted it and read comments. By logging-in with an Instagram ID, specific Instagram users’ feeds can be viewed directly.

The ‘Interactive’ section is a neat touch too, allowing you to arrange and shuffle photos on your tablet as if they were real Polaroids on top of a coffee-table.

Overall, HoneyGram is a fun way to view the best Instagram has to offer until Android gets its very own dedicated app. It needs a few more features to make it truly great, but for free it’s still worth a look.

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Marty Gabel

Marty is the former Associate Editor for Appolicious and He lives with his wife and infant daughter in Chicago, via London, England, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

You can follow him on Twitter, but he rarely tweets about work. Instead, he'll likely be flaunting his ham-fisted photography or spreading viral videos of silly cats.

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