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Android App Tablet Review: GUN BROS

Sep 30, 2011

A free dual-stick shooter with social networking capabilities, Gun Bros heaps on the big-screen action on tablets and doesn’t cost a thing.

Taking on the role of one of a pair of gun-toting super-soldiers, Gun Bros puts you in the middle of wave after wave of enemies with only the weapons you’ve brought. The more enemies you destroy, the more “explodium” you earn, which can be traded for new weapons and upgrades when you finish a mission. You also get bonuses for connecting to Facebook and involving your friends, too.

While Gun Bros is supported by multiple devices the drawback here is that it doesn’t seem optimized for tablets. This means that while the game mostly looks great, you’ll sometimes notice some pixelation of the graphics from being stretched from smaller devices.

Slight graphical troubles aside, Gun Bros is a quality action game with a lot of depth to it, and no entry fee.

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