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Android App Tablet Review: Google Docs

Oct 25, 2011

Access your online documents from your Android tablet with Google Docs. The app lets you do everything you can do with Google Docs in a browser, including creating spreadsheets and word processing documents.

Google Docs is a pretty solid way of reading and editing documents on the fly. It’s filled with all the great options you get in the web version like sharing documents with others, adding collaborators and downloading them to the tablet. It also functions as a free Internet-based word processor and spreadsheet maker, so you can actually use the touch keyboard or a Bluetooth one to do real work with the app. All of your documents then get saved online, and you can access them through a browser.

As useful as it is though, Google Docs isn’t ideal for a tablet and feels a bit clunky. It’s great for keeping you tied into your work, but trying to tap out documents can be difficult. Still, it’s a phenomenal app for Google Docs users to have on-hand no matter where they are.

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