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Android App Tablet Review: Fruit Ninja THD

Sep 30, 2011

Specially optimized for Tegra 2 tablets, Fruit Ninja THD has all the classic greatness of Fruit Ninja with amped-up graphics and a two-player game mode.

This tablet version includes all of Fruit Ninja’s standard modes: the classic mode, in which you hit as many fruits as you can without missing; and the arcade mode, in which you rack up the highest score you can before time runs out.

The best part about Fruit Ninja THD, however, is its local two-player modes. They’re played by splitting the tablet screen in half and letting one player slice fruit on one side, the other on the opposite. Whoever hacks up the most fruit in each mode is the winner, and players can do things like send bombs to one another’s screens to try to trip each other up.

A must for Fruit Ninja fans and a nice expansion of options perfect for tablets, Fruit Ninja THD is an easy purchase and a lot of fun.

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