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Android App Tablet Review: Friend Me for Facebook

Oct 13, 2011

Tablet-optimized, slick, clean and easy to use – those are all features of Friend Me for Facebook, an Android tablet Facebook client that might be better than the real thing.

Link your Facebook account to Friend Me and the app brings all the usual information to your tablet’s screen. With reduced clutter, small menus and an easy-to-navigate interface, the app makes it easy to do things like read your feed or see your notifications.

Tap an item in your News Feed and Friend Me will magnify the story and let you see all its comments. It’s a lot like a finger-friendly rendition of Facebook in a browser.

You can easily see photos, access messages, view and edit your profile and everything else common to the Facebook experience, but Friend Me provides easy and intuitive ways to get around at every turn.

This is a great tablet app, and it’s free.

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Phil Hornshaw

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