Android App Tablet Review: FlightTrack

Oct 14, 2011
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FlightTrack is an extremely detailed and comprehensive flight information app optimized for Honeycomb tablets.

The app tracks just about everything you can think of regarding specific flights. Once you’ve found a specific flight, you can access the arrival and departure times, delay forecasts, alternate flights, and even seat maps. Should you need to make a not about the flight, that’s an option as well.

The app shows you an actual physical map, showing your literal flight track across the country. You can zoom in and see every single city and road you’ll be flying over in great detail. The app is very customizable and generally well put together. It’s a bit pricey if you aren’t a frequent flier, but it’s definitely a worthwhile app.

The FlightTrack app is a must have app for frequent fliers with Android tablets.

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