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Android App Tablet Review: Flight Control

Oct 10, 2011

Flight Control, a touch-based game that’s all about directing aircraft to the proper runways to prevent mid-air collisions, is a lot of fun to play on a tablet device.

You simply trace a line from planes and helicopters to guide them to their matching runways. In practice, it’s a hectic experience that requires players to juggle a lot of elements at once. Planes start to come faster and faster as time goes on, requiring you to not only get them to their destinations, but to keep them from crashing into each other. The more you can land before a collision, the higher your score.

Flight Control comes with a number of airports to play with, but in the end, it’s pretty much the same experience. It’s a little pricey but also an addictive title that’s been extremely popular on a lot of devices. On tablets, it really hits a stride, and you’ll be playing this one for a while.

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