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Android App Tablet Review: File Manager HD (Honeycomb)

Oct 6, 2011

File Manager HD is a very handy app for your Android tablet that can help you keep track of the storage space on your device, as well as letting you delete and move files if necessary.

Unlike other mobile operating systems, Android lets users have a fair amount of control over what’s stored on their device. File Manager HD works rather like Finder or Windows Explorer by giving you a view of all the files stored on your tablet. Of course, certain ones are locked and inaccessible, but you have control over the ones visible on your internal storage or SD card.

The tablet format makes moving and editing files a breeze, and some handy shortcuts on the left side of the screen make it simple to reach just your photos, movies, or music files — a definite advantage to its smartphone version.

If you work with a lot of your own files, are always adding or removing apps that may leave behind junk, or just want a better way to organize your Android folders, File Manager HD is a worthwhile download.

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