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Android App Tablet Review: Cordy

Sep 30, 2011

Beautiful graphics and well-designed levels mark platformer Cordy, which looks and plays great on larger tablet screens.

As a robot named Cordy, you’re tasked with zipping around the game’s many levels, gathering gears and powering up machines by moving objects around the screen. Most of what goes on in Cordy is timed – it’s about completing your goals quickly and gathering as many gears as possible to get the highest rank.

You’ll need quick fingers and an analytical attitude to get the best scores. Platform gaming skills and the ability to figure out puzzle solutions are key to beating each level quickly. However, you can play each level over again as many times as you want, and the whole game can be unlocked through an in-app purchase of $4.99.

Overall, Cordy feels well-made for tablets and looks great on them. It also plays well, with a simple interface and big controls, making it one of the better platforming games out there.

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