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Android App Tablet Review: ConvertPad – Unit Converter

Oct 6, 2011

Your Android tablet can be a fountain of information with ConvertPad, a handy unit converter app that can pretty much deal with anything.

The number of options available here is insane. Categories include popular favorites like length, weight, currency and time, all the way down to hugely obscure ones like radiation exposure, magnetic flux and lumber volume. The interface is simple, using straightforward pull-down menus and large calculator-style buttons to input numbers.

You can choose how often to update currency rates, select favorite units for quick access, or hide ones you’ll never use. There’s also more technical settings like backup to SD card, and the opportunity to upgrade to the ad-free paid version.

While ConvertPad won’t necessarily win any awards when it comes to design, it does its job brilliantly with every conceivable option covered. For a free, hugely useful addition to your Android tablet library, look no further.

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