Android App Tablet Review: CardioTrainer

Oct 24, 2011
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The secret to getting and staying fit may be found in CardioTrainer for Android tablets.

The app tracks and stores workouts, whether you run, bike, walk on a treadmill or do yoga (to name just a few of the many options).

The app is a great motivator with its weight loss add-on feature, a race add-on and a way to share your exercise logs on Facebook.

CardioTrainer also has different customization settings which allow you to check how far you’ve run in miles or kilometers, your stride length, program your weight, listen to music, and the app can even give you words of encouragement. If that’s all too fancy for you, you don’t have to set anything and the app will still log a basic workout.

I’ve heard that the app’s GPS function isn’t as accurate as it could be, but I didn’t happen upon this issue during use. As far as I can tell, CardioTrainer looks and works great on Android tablets.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

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