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Android App Tablet Review: Burn the Rope+

Oct 26, 2011

Physics puzzler Burn the Rope+ is a fun and fast game that will have you spinning your tablet around madly, trying to keep the flames burning.

Each level in Burn the Rope+ presents a rope arranged in a shape or formation, which you then set fire to with a tap. After the flames start burning, your goal is to keep the rope alight by rotating your device around so that the flame is always burning upward. If you leave them to try to burn downward, they’ll eventually go out. The trick is to keep the fire going until the entire rope is consumed, but different colors and shapes require different strategies to ignite.

While Burn the Rope+ is nice on a big tablet screen, the game was designed with a smartphone in mind. Rotating your tablet around can be tough and sometimes leads to unwitting button pushes.

Burn the Rope+ is still fun, but it’s hampered slightly on larger devices.

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