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Android App Tablet Review: Angry Birds Seasons

Oct 28, 2011

It’s always the perfect time of year to play Angry Birds Seasons on an Android tablet.

The goal is the same as the original in this spin-off game–destroy the pigs and their fort. Some of the levels in Angry Birds Seasons are Summer Picnic, Easter and Halloween. The seasonal updates keep the game fresh, regardless of how long you’ve been playing your way through the series.

Rovio’s developers have done an excellent job making the proper adjustments to fit this popular game to the tablet’s larger screen. It’s as clear and vibrant as ever.

Angry Birds games have always had a bit of advertising, but this is the first version of the game where I felt that the ads were invasive. I found myself forced to watch the same HP ad every few times I’d restart a level.

You might experience a glitch when you fling birds, but it shouldn’t affect the gameplay on your Android tablet.

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