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Android App Tablet Review: Angry Birds Rio

Oct 3, 2011

Play Angry Birds Rio on an Android tablet device and it will be difficult to go back to playing it on a phone.

The birds look more clear and vibrant than you’ve ever seen them before, and on such a large screen, smashing forts made of wood and glass has never felt more satisfying.

While the traditional game’s mechanics have been left unchanged, little else is the same. In Angry Birds Rio, instead of attacking pigs, players are trying to free tropical birds who have been locked in cages. The structures are much more complex and levels include beaches and jungles.

Objects are hidden inside some of the forts, and other special touches like subtle background animations help to add atmosphere. As ever, there are Easter eggs a-plenty to discover for hardcore gamers.

Both new and old fans of the Angry Birds series will delight in this addictive tablet experience.

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