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Android App Tablet Review: AccuWeather for Honeycomb

Oct 28, 2011

Accuweather for Honeycomb, a weather app that offers an insane amount of daily weather news, is a great addition to your tablet device.

Accuweather starts with the basics: local conditions with temperature, wind speed, weather warnings and more. Then it moves on to forecasts, including your hourly weather outlook and a 15-day extended look. It tracks weather on satellite maps, provides weather news and even pipes in streaming videos that show forecasts for your area and various regions of the United States.

The Lifestyle section of the app provides information on whether the day will be good for biking or hiking, whether arthritis or allergies might be a problem, and even whether it’s worth a trip out to the beach.

It looks great on the big screen of tablets, so download it today.

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