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Andor’s Trail for Android will please classic RPG fans

Dec 14, 2010

Listen up, Legend of Zelda fans! A new game hails from yon hinterlands, and it’s worth a look. Andor’s Trail follows in the footsteps of the classic quest games, and delivers hours of mystery and adventure. It’s currently in beta release, so there’s nothing to lose in checking it out.

The game category is called “Rogue RPG.” RPG stands for role-playing game, where you assume control of a character in the game. Rogue means your character is a hunter-gatherer-style wandering soul.

The plot of Andor’s Trail gets pretty involved. Your brother, Andor, has disappeared mysteriously, and you must figure out what happened and try to find him. After conversing with the townspeople, you quickly realize there are some conflicting stories. Your little medieval village holds more secrets than a David Lynch movie’s suburban cul-de-sac. Along the way, you’ll do battle with creatures, solve puzzles, and gain experience.

The game feels like it was created just for playing on a phone. The graphics are simple, but lively. You control your character’s movements via touch or trackball, if your phone has one. The way you manage your character’s backpack full of gear, called “inventory” in the game, is especially well-designed. You just tap the picture of what you want to use. Similarly, trading, where you trade in goods or money you’ve earned along your journey for new stuff, works simply and efficiently. You just touch what you want to buy, and the app tracks how much you have left to spend.

The game designers follow users’ feedback, and quickly fix bugs and add new maps. Go ahead, start your adventure while the game is still free.

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