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Ancient Frog Android app reduces stress

Dec 12, 2010

Stressed out? Need a little relief, on the go? Ancient Frog is your new go-to de-stress app, offering around 100 levels of puzzling relaxation and virtual meditation, wrapped in high-quality, forest-themed graphics.

Take a deep breath, launch Ancient Frog, and feel your shoulders relax. There’s no time limit, no countdown pulsing away, or leader boards to worry about. Slowly, but surely, move your jaw-droppingly rendered frogs (six species in all) across a small, forested landscape to get to a yummy fly.

With crisp and clear forest sounds accompanying your meditation/gaming sessions, you’ll find Ancient Frogs easy to pick up and play, and feel free to take your time working your way through all 100 levels of goodness.

As one of the best-looking “games” for the Android platform to date, with fully animated frogs controlled by your fingertips, this is a must-have app for every stressed-out Droid owner needing some down time.

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