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Amazon nabs another huge gaming exclusive for its Appstore

Jun 1, 2011

Angry Birds Rio (with a time limit, similar to the Plants vs. Zombies release), and enjoyed a big boost to its store at the expense of Google’s Android Market. Other big game makers, such as Glu, have come out in support of the new Appstore as well.

The question is quickly becoming, “What is Google doing?” With the announcement of its Google Music service, Google is keeping up with Amazon in at least one department. But while the Android Market struggles to shore up issues with plagiarism and copyright, Amazon appears to be flourishing. That might not be the whole story. We’ve already seen reports that suggest the Amazon Appstore isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially for smaller developers, but the Android Market’s latest news has been about banning apps that let users play games (because of copyright issues with video game makers such as Sega), while Amazon’s headlines are about big titles coming to its store, and for free.

It appears that Google isn’t too worried about Amazon, but if more huge developers are showing preference to the online retailer, perhaps Google should be.

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