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Amazon Kindle update and other top apps of the week

Sep 30, 2010

Amazon made more headway with an updated Android app this week, bringing voice search and other features to digital bookworms. SwiftKey also emerged from beta, while Dropbox and announcements mean more virtualization around personal cloud storage for mobile users.

Reading and storage

Amazon has updated the Kindle app for Android, bringing voice search, note-editing and syncing and Apps Uninstall is a top performer this week, surpassing the 10,000 download milestone. The free Android app keeps your phone clean and operational by helping you uninstall apps quickly. This also can be done in batch mode. Star the apps you like, and mark lists for easy app management. A recent update brings Froyo and search improvements.

ElectroDroid’s reference app has new features for geeks, packing in more information about voltage dividers, resistor values and Ohm’s law. Free, this Android app now has a series of resistors tables, a SCART pin-out and an LM317 calculator. ElectroDroid also has been updated for Froyo.

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