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Alchemy Classic will have you addicted to the elements

Oct 14, 2010

The Alchemy Classic app for your Android phone is a puzzle game that doesn’t really feel like one. And depending upon what you’re looking for, this might or might not be a good thing.

The goal of this game is to mix elements together to create new ones, achieving all of the 188 possible elements in the game. Because there are so many elements to be made, this game cannot be completed in a single sitting. It is, however, a very easy game to play, and is, surprisingly, highly addictive.

You start with just the four basic elements: air, earth, water and fire, and you mix them to find new elements. For example, combining air and fire makes lightening; water and earth make swamp; and lightening and swamp make amino acids. To find a new combination, you need to drag and drop one element onto another. Once you’ve unlocked an element, you can add it to the alchemy table from the game menu, thus increasing your element count.

There are many other Alchemy games out there that have crazier outcomes, such as Batman, Vampire and Skyscraper, but, Alchemy Classic sticks with more-realistic combinations, based on “natural evolution.” The game is pretty fun as is, but creating your own Godzilla or pickup truck elements might make it even more exciting.

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