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Alchemy: an elementary puzzle game for Android

Nov 15, 2010

Isaac Newton practiced alchemy. In addition to inventing Calculus, defining the Laws of Gravity, and being the father of modern physics, he also experimented with turning base metals into gold. That’s one thing at which he didn’t succeed. Now, with Alchemy, you can join in the alchemist pursuit and use the elements to cook up a whole mess of fun as well.

Alchemy is a unique puzzle game. It starts off with just the basic four elements of fire, water, earth, and air. Drag and drop these elements with your fingers in order to make new combinations and new elements. For example, water + earth makes swamp. Earth + fire makes lava, and so on. Keep building on the basics and you’ll get to life-forms like plankton, fish, and eventually man. But, don’t stop there!

The game also delivers the thought provoking and funny. Figuring out how to make an airplane or a skyscraper will challenge you. Building tequila or the Twilight saga will make you laugh. Once you’ve opened a new element you can always pull it again from an element bank to use it again in creating something new.

If you need hints you can buy them right from the Alchemy Store within the game itself. You’ll also find cheats on the web with a few quick searches. The puzzle boasts a large community of players out there and they are all excited to share what they’ve found. There are currently over 300 combinations you can make, but you can submit new ones you think of to the developers through the app. If worthy and approved, they will get added to the list.

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