Addictive Android Word Games

Sep 28, 2010
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Ready for some games that test your puzzle solving skills and you vocabulary knowledge? These brain testing word games are for you. Some test your speed at finding words, others let you challenge your friends and put your word strategy to the test. Whichever gaming style you prefer, these apps have got you covered.

Wordtris FREE!

This game combines word knowledge with Tetris style gaming. Line up the letters on the tiles to make words before the screen fills up. There’s also a pro version for more levels and excitement.



This is a fun word game that makes you think about words in a non-linear way. Race the timer and connect letters that make words to claim your high score.



Another word game combined with a classic. This one is like bejeweled and bubble blast meets a word game. Connect letters in bubbles to make words and make them disappear. The board will fill up if you aren’t quick enough. Along the way you can activate power up when you use special letter bubbles in words.


Wordfeud FREE

FINALLY! The Scrabble port Android users have been waiting for. No more will you need to be jealous while your iPhone using friends play Words With Friends. Share your username with your friends and get your word nerd on.


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