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Addictive Android Games

Sep 1, 2010

Beware: The following games are addictive and may result in many hours wasted on your Android device. Neither myself nor claim any responsibility for any impact these games may have on your social or occupational lives. Read on and download at your own risk.


The childhood classic is back. Despite having a ton of SNES games, this was the one that got the most wear and tear, and even now when I’m around my family’s old Nintendo, my brothers and I will spend way more time than any adult should competing for the high score. Now I can play it on my phone. I’m done for.



This awesome side scrolling puzzler has you (an antibody) taking care of foreign germs. Line up correctly with the baddies to eliminate them and keep an eye out for health and power ups.


Superheroes Alliance

This game is vaguely reminiscent of Mafia Wars and has the player creating an empire of good by hiring allies and managing funds to become the ultimate force for good. It also can also sync with your Facebook account so you can take the addiction to your desktop via Facebook app. Recruit your buddies for more bonuses. Good luck getting this one off your brain.


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