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A look at the games of Android developer DroidHen

Jan 17, 2012

This fast-paced motorbike racing game gets quicker and quicker as you go along, encouraging you to play “just one more game” to see if you can beat your high score. Again, it’s the simplicity that works well here. Weave your bike through traffic going as fast as you can and rack-up points to unlock new, faster vehicles. With tilt controls that work perfectly and a simplicity that means it’s easy to pick up and play, Racing Moto does a better job than many infinite racers out there and you don’t even have to pay a penny for it.

There’s a heap more DroidHen titles which we haven’t covered here, but one thing is pretty clear:

Whoever these folks are, they have a knack for creating addictive games that play really well and cover a variety of genres. And it’s not just us. The people have spoken, as it were, because all  of DroidHen’s titles seem to garner remarkably consistent high scores in the Market and plenty of positive reviews. Just goes to show – keep things free, keep it simple, and you can be a success. DroidHen, we salute you, wherever and whoever you may be!

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